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motto Your official on the Internet
description Information platform
languages German , English
owner Republic of Austria
Originator Federal Chancellery
Published 1997
status with merged was a cross-agency platform of the Austrian federal administration . (“HELP” for short) began in 1997 as an information service for citizens about official channels and was merged in 2019 with the new central e-government application .

Construction and development

The HELP project was founded in 1997 by the Federal Ministry of Finance . From 2000 the platform was administered by the Federal Ministry for Public Achievement and Sport  (BMÖLS). In 2003 responsibility was transferred to the Federal Chancellery (Department I / 13 - E-Government - Program and Project Management). The editorial management was ensured from September 2009 by the Wiener Zeitung . In March 2019, the information offered by was transferred to the new e-government application and has been available there ever since.

Scope and performance

HELP divided the information into " life situations ", such as B. " Pets ", " Divorce " or " Clubs ". HELP provided information and instructions on how to deal with the authorities for every situation in life, helped to find the responsible authorities and referred to online forms and other e-government offers.

In addition to HELP for citizens , there was also HELP for business and HELP for Foreign Citizens in English . HELP also offered online forums in which citizens could ask questions that officials could answer quickly and competently. In addition, the official guide offered a glossary of terms with explanations of legal expressions and idioms.

Prizes and awards

The HELP project has won several awards. A short excerpt:

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