Legal information system of the Republic of Austria

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Federal legal information system (RIS)
description Legal information system of the Republic of Austria
languages de
owner Republic of Austria
Originator Federal Chancellery
Published 1998

The legal information system of the Republic of Austria or the legal information system of the federal government ( RIS ) is an online documentation ( legal information system ) of Austrian legislation that is accessible to the general public free of charge and without registration within the framework of e-government .

Construction and development

The Austrian legal information system has existed since 1998. Like its better-known sister project , this project is supervised by the Federal Chancellery . In this case, the constitutional service is responsible for the content .

Since January 1st, 2004, the legally effective announcement of the applicable law has been made exclusively via the legal information system (authentic version of the Federal Law Gazette ).

In the spring of 2008, the system was completely revised (RIS2, RIS new) so that it fully meets the WAI-A requirements of WCAG 1.0 for accessibility .

Scope and performance

The RIS comprises the current and - to some extent - the historical Austrian federal and state law as well as the judicature of the highest courts ( Supreme Court , Administrative Court , Constitutional Court ) and other courts and tribunals , such as the Independent Administrative Senates , the Independent Finance Senate , the Independent Federal Asylum Senate , the data protection authority and others, as well as other legal sources and drafts.

The data is made available in the data formats HTML ( website online), PDF , RTF .

The Federal Law Gazette is offered in full, 99% also in the form of a searchable database. The nine national laws and supreme court judicature are offered on a large scale, but not completely.

The RIS service Federal Law Gazette authentic from 2004 offers the binding published law in the form of electronically signed documents. Using the appropriate search masks in the RIS, however, all Federal Law Gazettes from 1945 to 2003 can be queried as HTML files or PDFs, older ones can be found in the holdings of the Austrian National Library (website ALEX Online ). The state law is only reproduced, the authentic versions are taken care of by the states , which also operate their own legal information systems.

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