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Stremma ( ancient Greek στρέμμα ), also Stremme, in the plural Stremmen is a Greek measure of area that roughly corresponds to a dunam . The Greek word originally referred to "the twisted", derived from a thread or a rope. The use of the word for a unit of area is explained by the fact that a square area measured with a measuring rope ( Stremma ) is meant, the length of which corresponds to a plethron . In contrast, the official name for the same area in Byzantine times, Modios ( ancient Greek μόδιος ), is derived from the measure of capacity Modios (see Scheffel ) - as the area that could be sown with a Modios wheat.

The modern Greek or "royal Stremma" covers 1000 square meters , or  0.1  hectares . The medieval moreotic Stremma corresponded to 1270 m², but also the smaller "Turkish Stremma" (= Dunam) with 919 m² goes back to Byzantine area dimensions.


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