Symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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The state symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan include the Azerbaijani national flag, the state coat of arms and the national anthem . The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan describes the state symbols.

National flag

Flag of Azerbaijan
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg

Vexillological symbol : National flag on land and at sea?
Aspect ratio: 1: 2
Officially accepted: February 5, 1990 ( Republic of Azerbaijan )

The national flag of Azerbaijan is a tricolor made up of three horizontal stripes of equal width. The top stripe is blue, the middle one red, and the bottom one green. In the middle of the red stripe, a crescent moon with an eight-pointed star is depicted in white on both sides of the flag. The proportion of the flag is 1: 2.

The flag was created by Ali Bey Huseyinzade at the beginning of the 20th century and adopted as the state flag of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan on August 25, 1918 . When the Red Army occupied the country in 1920, a red flag with gold initials was introduced. After Azerbaijan gained independence in 1991, the 1918 flag was reintroduced.

National coat of arms

Coat of arms of Azerbaijan

The national coat of arms of Azerbaijan was adopted in 1991. It is in the colors of the national flag and shows an eight-pointed, white star on a gold-framed disc with rings in the national colors. There are eight gold discs on the blue ring. Inside there is a white star in which a red flame with four tongues flickers. At the bottom of the shield are oak branches and ears of wheat.

National anthem

The melody of the Azerbaijani national anthem comes from Üzeyir Hacıbəyov . Ahmad Jawad wrote the text. The national anthem was composed for the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, founded in 1918. Shortly after gaining independence in 1991, the song was declared a national anthem again on May 27, 1992 .

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