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System architecture , derived from the definition of architecture in general (= architecture ... ), denotes the discipline (field of activity, task definition , management) that is oriented towards systems and the components that interact within them.

In addition to this activity-oriented understanding, system architecture, also analogous to the general architecture term, also stands for the structure and the naming / representation of systems and their components and is thus used for any 'system terms '.

Information technology (IT)

The system architecture is created according to the V-Modell XT as part of the system design and includes the decomposition of the system, the interface overview and the overarching data catalog (data that systems and system elements exchange).

At the beginning of the system architecture work, architecture drivers are identified and evaluation criteria are determined by analyzing the overall system specification and other available information. Functional and non-functional requirements influence the design of the system architecture, which is documented in architecture views. UML diagrams are often used here. Finally, the system architecture is checked on the basis of the evaluation criteria.

The hardware and software architecture is determined on the basis of the system architecture during the detailed design .

Space travel

A space system is a spacecraft (e.g. Spacelab ) that is developed by a responsible person. The higher-level system is then Spacelab plus Space Shuttle under the responsibility of NASA.

The system architecture of the spacecraft defines subsystems such as data processing, navigation, etc. A subsystem in turn is broken down into devices and components (e.g. sun sensors, computers, software, etc.).


In the automotive sector, especially when developing according to the Automotive SPICE and CMMI standards , the system architecture relates not only to hardware and software, but to the entire embedded system . This also includes mechanical and mechatronic components such as switches , sensors , displays or even the housing.

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