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A THW rapid deployment group ( THW-SEG ) is a rapid deployment group of a local branch of the technical relief organization .


Since the 1970s, the THW local associations, following the instructions of the THW management, have been required to create at least one rapid response group (THW-SEG) from the available deployment potential (units / sub-units) and thus ensure that after an alert by a consumer ( usually fire brigade or police ) a first THW group is available for technical assistance after about 15 minutes at the latest.

In 1995 the Federal Minister of the Interior introduced a new, "modular system" for the units and sub-units of the THW with the enactment of the THW new concept, in order to make the THW available to the responsible authorities as an acceptable support organization for hazard prevention.

This means that a THW local association (OV) can, on the one hand, provide help quickly with first responders and, on the other hand, also bring in special equipment and reinforcement personnel if necessary.

Basic characteristics

Description of staff, equipment and training

In order to meet a very short-term requirement, each THW-OV forms a THW-SEG from its entire application potential (in an additional function). This THW sub-unit represents a uniform, assessable "basic service" in technical assistance that can be provided nationwide by every THW local association (OV).

This consists of a small but efficient team, consisting of an experienced group leader and basically 5 fully trained helpers with functional training, e.g. B. to wearers of respiratory equipment , paramedics, drivers, machinists, etc.

Furthermore, the THW-SEG helpers are further qualified through special training and practice on site.

The THW-SEG is primarily formed from the 1st rescue group (B 1). This is the most universal group in TC. The staff and equipment of the equipment vehicle I (GKW I) are geared towards mastering the broadest possible range of tasks.


The THW-SEG helpers are on call at all times. They are equipped with FME / DME. You must be able to reach the OV accommodation at short notice in order to ensure that the THW-SEG can move out within approx. 15 minutes.

The THW-SEG is alerted via the responsible control center, which issues the first mission order in this context and transfers the THW-SEG to the responsible operations management.

The procedure and the competencies are coordinated and defined in advance, as part of the deployment preparation with the user and operator of the control center .

Management and engagement principles for THW-SEG

As part of the subordination, the group leader of the THW-SEG is:

  • THW manager responsible to EL for fulfilling the assigned orders,
  • the temporary THW representative on site, to advise and inform the operations management (EL) about further support possibilities of the THW.

If further units / sub-units of the THW are requested and deployed, it transmits the knowledge gained up to that point to the unit leader and supports the integration into the management and operational structure of the user / the operational management (EL).

In principle, the THW-SEG is then divided into the original unit, i.e. H. the technical train (TZ).

Different units

Locally, there are also deviating units, which are referred to as "rapid deployment group", e.g. B. the lighting quick action group .

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