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The technical train of the technical relief organization is the basic unit of the THW. Every local chapter has at least one, but sometimes several. Each technical platoon consists of the platoon leader with his platoon troop and a rescue group as well as a specialist group or a second rescue group. Whether a second rescue group is deployed in addition to or as an alternative to the specialist group depends on the requirements in the specific individual case.

At the local level there are 727 Technical Trains (TZ) in currently 668 local sections. Here the THW local representative represents the federal authority THW as an honorary authority manager. This organization means that it can be deployed quickly and across the board for the diverse needs. The technical trains are, so to speak, the successor units of the rescue and, depending on the specialist group, also of the repair trains .

The platoon leader leads the technical platoon and is organizationally supported by his platoon troop. The rescue and specialist groups, which in turn are led by the group leaders, report to him. The specialist groups are divided into squads, which are headed by a squad leader.


The tasks of the THW are to provide technical assistance in civil protection, humanitarian aid on behalf of the federal government abroad and the fight against disasters, public emergencies and major accidents. In detail, the technical train performs the entire spectrum of rescue tasks as a unit: this ranges from exploring the damage location and marking the damage locations, penetrating into damage locations and rescuing buried people, whereby obstacles have to be broken through or overcome. This is also followed by first aid for injured people. It also includes the rescue of animals, as well as the recovery of property. Occasionally, boundary conditions are unfavorable during operation: the helpers of the technical train first clear rubble or create access roads, build footbridges or temporary bridges, dam draining water or illuminate operational areas. The work also includes the transport and handling of equipment, building materials and machines, and the removal of overburden and damaged goods.

Personnel / strength

The number of helpers in the technical train depends on its composition. The platoon troop (ZTr TZ) consists of four helpers, the rescue group (B) can vary in the number of helpers: they are made up of nine or twelve helpers, depending on the equipment. The sizes of the specialist groups (FGr) are very different, so that the personnel strength of a technical platoon is at least 19 helpers (ZTr, B, FGr Sprengen).

The basic structure: TZ = ZTr TZ (4 helpers) + B (x) + FGr (x) + (more FGr (x)):

The personnel strengths of the groups are:

Vehicles & equipment

The equipment of the technical train varies to the same extent as the personnel composition and is specified in the strength and equipment certificate (StAN):

Vehicles and devices of the train crew, the rescue groups and the specialist groups form the overall equipment.

The most common vehicle at THW: The GKW

Individual evidence

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