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A specialist group of the THW is a tactical unit as a sub-unit of the technical train or as an independent unit with special supra-local or regional operational tasks.

Mission concept

The concept of operations of the Agency for Technical Relief looks in each local federation as local units before at least one technical train (TC), the Platoon Headquarters and at least one recovery group as extensive use of potential with a large range of uses the duties rescue , recovery and technical assistance to take.

At the supra-local or supraregional level , specialist groups are provided as units / sub-units for special tasks. At the regional office level, they take on the task of establishing technical priorities in combating damage. At the level of the regional associations, specialist groups are provided for operations in the event of major damaging events , for missions abroad and for special cases of damage.

Specialist groups

Regional office level

The following specialist groups (units / sub-units) are planned across the region:

In contrast to the other supra-regional and supra-regional specialist groups, the logistics and management / communication specialist group are themselves units and as such are not part of the technical train.

Regional association level

The following specialist groups are planned across the region:

Assignments abroad

In addition, the THW has specialist groups, which are intended as rapid response units for technical assistance on behalf of the federal government abroad: