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Lighting device of the FG lighting (type A)

The specialist group lighting (FGr Bel) as a specialist group of the THW illuminates its own deployment and work sites of the THW and other users. In the THW assignment abroad, she takes on tasks from her entire range of services.


IFA L60 of the FG lighting of the OV Staßfurt

The lighting specialist group illuminates surfaces and routes with the light mast and various individual spotlights on tripods :

  • Stretches of at least 150 m × 20 m,
  • Surfaces with glare-free light,
  • horizontal or vertical surface of at least 35 m × 35 m with directed light

Personnel / strength

Short form:

0/2/7/ 9

Function and helper overview:

  • 1 group leader
  • 1 squad leader
  • 7 technical helpers
In the lighting specialist group, the following additional functions are occupied by the 7 technical assistants (double additional functions required, e.g. driver and radio operator):
  • 2 machinists power generator
  • 2 CE drivers / radio operators
  • 1 paramedic

140 lighting specialist groups are set up nationwide.


The equipment of a specialist group lighting type A includes:

alternatively (type B):

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