Rapid deployment unit for logistics processing in the case of air transport

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The rapid deployment unit for logistics handling in the event of air transport (SEELift) is a specialist group of the THW and ensures the coordinated and rapid flight handling of THW foreign deployments . The unit is deployed once in the Groß-Gerau branch , in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt am Main Airport .


McDonnell Douglas C-17 is one of the cargo planes that SEElift can use

Special support for foreign missions is necessary, as many THW missions are carried out with normal passenger planes for financial reasons and reasons of flexibility. However, these must be carried out faster than in regular scheduled services, at unusual times, with unusual luggage (dangerous goods, rescue dog, etc.) and to crisis areas that may not be served regularly. The emergency services are looked after at check-in and can be prepared for the mission in a briefing . In addition, the SEELift takes care of the arriving units during the return transport (press, possibility for debriefing,)

In this way, better reaction times to crises are achieved, especially when the SEEBA or SEEWA are deployed , which have to get to a crisis area quickly without heavy equipment.

But also in the case of charter flights and the use of cargo planes (e.g. for the freighting of vehicles), the processing is accelerated and made possible without direct long advance planning.

For this, the SEELift works with the Frankfurt airport, all major German airports and the competent security authorities deployment plans from. In the event of an emergency, the air pollution of the emergency services sent abroad and their material, including the customs and dangerous goods declaration, can be coordinated and carried out quickly.


A mission can have very different dimensions: SEElift has already looked after missions of all sizes from a two-person exploration team in a scheduled aircraft to 28 vehicles in Globemaster military aircraft (as in the US mission after Hurricane Katrina ).

In the last few years the Groß-Gerauers “lifted” an average of more than 50 times a year.


SEElift is divided into a management team and the SEElift specialist group. Both sub-units are staffed by helpers from the OV Groß-Gerau in a second role. The management team is supplemented by helpers from other local associations for special functions ( technical advisor airport (TeBe Flug / FluB) , cargo and flight attendants ).

Leadership squad

The leadership team consists of the SEElift leader and the department heads. In individual cases, it is usually supplemented by an authorized person for dangerous goods ( BPG ), who is staffed by a full-time employee.

At the airports in Frankfurt am Main , Düsseldorf , Stuttgart and Frankfurt-Hahn, as well as on special request, the SEElift guide assumes the role of SEElift manager and thus the overall responsibility for the operation. At other major German airports, specially trained helpers are deployed as airport technical advisors (TeBe Flug / FluB) who, with the help of the Groß-Gerau management team, manage the SEElift as well as maintain contact with the airport outside of an operation.

If necessary, the SEElift management team can also work abroad themselves. A freight and flight attendant (FFB) can accompany and coordinate the handling of the flight from Germany to the deployment area and back. This function is carried out by helpers from the OV Groß-Gerau and by suitable helpers from other local associations ("helper pool").

The leadership team is supported personally and professionally by the Leadership and Communication department of the OV Darmstadt.


The SEElift specialist group consists of specially trained helpers from the OV Groß-Gerau . Your task is the transport to and at the airport, pilot and messenger services as well as loading activities . If necessary, the SEElift specialist group also operates a staging area in which the emergency services and their material are brought together and organizes the “set-up” for press work when emergency services depart and return. The helpers are specially trained in the safety measures to be observed in the case of air transport and regularly carry out exercises at the airport.

An integral part of SEElift are local emergency services from THW local associations or THW offices near the departure airport. They serve primarily as guides, but can also take on other tasks that require knowledge of local conditions. The airport advisor is the link to these emergency services. So z. B. a local specialist group leadership / communication or a platoon team with the establishment of a staging area or a catering team with the catering of the emergency services.

Explanation of the StAN functions

The figure shows the StAN according to the current planning status (not yet final)
Guide to the SEElift
Authorized person for dangerous goods
Airport Advisor / Technical Advisor Airport / Technical Advisor Airport
Head of subject area (subject areas S1 / S4, S2 / S3 / S6)
Freight and flight attendant / cargo, flight attendant
Squad leader
Squad leader
Driver's license class BE
Helpers with special SEElift training

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