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Provision room for ambulances

A staging area is a place where emergency personnel and operating resources of civil protection collected for direct use or as a precaution, organized and provided.

The location of the staging room is in a safe location close to the place of action, so that the personnel can get there quickly without being endangered. In the staging area, the emergency services are as organized as possible according to type, function or unit affiliation without mutual hindrance.

Tactical sign for the staging area

The concept of the staging area is defined in DIN 13050 and the fire service regulations (FwDV) 100.


The location of the staging area is determined by the operations management . It is in a safe location close to the deployment site so that the forces can get there quickly without being endangered. It is also advisable not to place the staging area too close to the damage area in order to prevent unintentional approach of the emergency services on duty to the damage area.


In the staging area, the resources are arranged as far as possible according to type, function or unit affiliation without mutual hindrance. If possible, it should be possible to repair defective resources. The emergency services can be fed there, visit the sanitary facilities or take a rest. The management of the staging area should have information and communication facilities .

In addition, separate sanitary facilities are set up in a provision room between women and men, and the proportionate distribution of sanitary facilities must be ensured. In addition, in-patient medical care by paramedics must be guaranteed for larger and longer-term staging rooms.


The emergency services and resources are registered upon arrival and their arrival is reported to the operations management. At the request of the operations management team, the emergency services and resources are directed to the deployment site as required; this is usually done by radio for larger deployments .

THW provision room 500

The two THW regional associations " Bremen / Lower Saxony (HBNI)" and " Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (HHSHMV)" have developed the deployment concept "Provision room 500" in cooperation with the THW training center in Hoya since 2008. The aim of the concept is to be able to set up an autonomously functioning staging area for up to 500 emergency services at any point within 24 hours . Depending on the expected duration of deployment and the number of staff in the staging area, a distinction is made between

  • General provision room for the collection and preparation of personnel for short-term and short-term assignments
  • Staging room with reporting head: The staff at the reporting head registers approaching units and instructs them on spatial planning. Corresponding availability reports are given to the higher-level management and assignments are forwarded to the respective units.
  • Staging room with management unit: suitable for collecting several hundred emergency services and long-term deployments.

Depending on the size and design of the staging area, differently specialized workers from different specialist groups are deployed to set up and operate the staging area. In addition to the planning and preparation of all measures, the main tasks are the establishment of parking areas for emergency vehicles, the preparation of the accommodation and supply of the emergency services in fixed properties or tent cities .

The “Provision Room 500” concept was first tested in June 2014 during a bridge building exercise by the THW in Bruchhausen-Vilsen .

The concept passed its first practical test in September and October 2018 when there was a fire on the premises of the Wehrtechnischen Dienststelle 91 in Meppen . Both BR500 associations (north and west) were deployed here and were responsible for accommodating and supplying up to 1700 emergency services per day. In this context, there was also talk of the BR1000.

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