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Area Rescue services
title Terms in rescue services
Brief description: Defines terms in rescue services
Latest edition 2015-04

The DIN standard DIN 13050 defines terms from the rescue sector . It defines terms, but not standards or algorithms .

For example, it specifies in point 3.70 that a rapid response group is a group of trained helpers who are equipped and equipped to care for injured , sick, injured or affected people in a major disaster. However, it does not describe how this is to be structured, it does not describe any quantities or qualities, and it does not specify any procedures to be used.

It refers only partly to the following standards, as described in item 3.18 Intensive transport helicopter to the DIN 13230-1 .


In addition to some medical terms such as transportability , terms of the everyday rescue service as well as major disaster situations are described according to content and scope with the aim of uniform application.


Generally used and sociologically already defined terms such as emergency , patient , rescue , accident or disaster in the context of rescue services are defined.

Functions and people

DIN 13050 defines the various functions in rescue services. It describes medical staff such as the emergency doctor and non-medical staff such as paramedics , paramedics or rescue workers . The strategic position of the Medical Director Rescue Service (ÄLRD) is also determined.

But the functions of laypersons such as first aiders or first aiders in the company as opposed to company paramedics are described. Any persons affected, such as the injured person, are also listed.

Material and equipment

Technical rescue equipment such as the ambulance , ambulance or air rescue equipment such as the rescue helicopter . However, medical devices , drugs and bandages are only defined under the keyword rescue material .

Strategic & tactical terms

The mass casualty rate is defined. There are also terms such as a deadline for assistance. For the tactical procedure, especially in larger locations , the treatment location and the preparation room are described.


Compared to its forerunner standard, DIN 13050: 1996-06, the terms of lay helper , emergency life-saving measures and major damage in the rescue service are no longer defined.


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