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The location describes the factors and circumstances that describe damage events and damage prevention. In an operations management in Germany or Austria, it is managed by the operations management as staff function S2, all relevant factors are documented and evaluated, and the staff function S3 can base its decisions on these conclusions.

General situation

The general situation, also known as the " cold situation ", describes the " current state" of the property in fire brigade operations :

  • Development (density, use)
  • topography
  • Weather
  • Time (day or night, winter or summer, working hours or public holidays)
  • Damage events are always dependent on the traffic in general, so the road traffic situation or, in the case of international aid missions, the air traffic situation determines the arrival at the damage site. But also about the possible hazards such as after a following train in a rail accident. But also the possibility of information exchange z. B. over the radio traffic is relevant for the situation.

Own location

Your own location describes the available resources:

Damage situation

The damage situation , also called " hot situation ", describes the dynamic course during operations:

Situation management

Situation management is an integral part of every operational command.

Documentation is becoming more and more important in many operations . It is important to document everything during the operation itself. But these records are also required in retrospect. Be it for debriefing and processing of the operations, or, as it happens more and more, for subsequent court proceedings , where they are necessary either to preserve evidence or for any claims for damages .

The simplest means are the situation diaries, which also include radio diaries . Here all processes are written down chronologically by hand. In addition, there are site sketches, site plans or site maps . Cameras and tape recordings are also increasingly used. Situation management on prepared maps and other programs is also increasingly common on the PC .

All situation reports from subordinate bodies are used in the management of the situation and are forwarded either regularly or as required to the higher-level bodies. Press releases can also be created here.

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