Situation report

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A situation report is the transmission of a report regarding a situation during an operation, i. H. Events, findings, location reports, activities, strength reports, etc. to the responsible leader of an organizational unit .

It is used to record and prepare situations, which leads to the creation of a situation report, which is constantly being supplemented.

Situation reports are common both with the military (especially in combat ; see military situation ) as well as with the security authorities (see police situation ) and aid organizations (see situation (emergency response) ). Situation reports are only sent to the next higher organizational unit ( reporting channel ); z. B. In the case of major incidents, situation reports from the organizations involved are forwarded to the command center (situation center ) to be set up by the district or state .

The sender of the situation report is usually the head of the organizational unit, e.g. B. a group leader (alternatively also a person authorized by him); The reason for this is both the importance and the control by a person (who already knows the situation picture).

Situation reports are to be sent according to their urgency. However, timely reporting is always a prerequisite for successful management. Situation reports are usually sent anyway via fast means of communication , such as radio , telex , e-mail or telex (less common).

They are an important basis for the further - guided - procedure. Here, decisions are made on the basis of existing, incoming and to be procured information , which leads to knowledge and, derived from it, to decisions and commands issued by the management. Situation reports are therefore primarily used to gain knowledge. Many situations cannot be dealt with without current situation reports, this is particularly the case with so-called mobile locations too.

A very simple situation report is also that of the shooters after an enemy contact to the leader of a military unit (wounded / unwounded, remaining cartridges etc.).

Also, emergency calls , eg. B. by means of digital signals , represent a situation report.