Life-saving appliances

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Various life-saving appliances in use

A rescue device is a vehicle , water vehicle or aircraft used by the rescue service, including rescue material and transport equipment. Terms of the rescue service are regulated by DIN 13030 and DIN 13050 . The crew is not part of the life-saving equipment.

Life-saving appliances are primarily used to transport personnel and material. Secondly, most of them enable patient transport and a few enable rescue from dangerous situations .

Abbreviations of the vehicles in the rescue service

All ambulance vehicles (in Germany) have abbreviations consisting of a combination of letters, as shown below.

Here RTW means ambulance. The assumption that RTW hot ambulance vehicles (parallel to ambulances) is not correct. The "T" at RTW was introduced to prevent mix-ups with rescue vehicles ( RW ). In addition, RW stands for ambulance in rescue service jargon . This made the uniform system of three-letter abbreviations for vehicles of the medical service possible. This becomes clear with “NAW” and “NEF”: Either “emergency doctor” is always abbreviated with “NA”, but then it would also have to be called “NAEF”, or “emergency doctor” is abbreviated with “N”, then it would are only "NW". So it stayed with the three-letter system and the ambulance got the abbreviation "RTW".

As a result of changes in standards and the establishment of new terms, new abbreviations have also developed that may no longer follow this system.

Ground-based life-saving appliances

Ground-based rescue equipment: ambulance

Air rescue equipment

Air rescue equipment: rescue helicopter

The air rescue devices are helicopters and fixed- wing aircraft that are used in air rescue . In addition to the aeronautical personnel, the crew includes rescue service personnel and at least one doctor .

Water lifeguards

They are used in water rescue on still and flowing waters as well as in sea ​​rescue on the open sea.

In a broader sense, water life-saving equipment also includes coastal rescue equipment used in close proximity to the coast

those used from the bank or the edge of the pool

as well as the water rescue equipment intended to bring individuals on board

For water rescue, but not to the water rescue agents , for example, include lifeguards , swift water rescue and life jackets .