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Ambulance station in Rösrath

A rescue station ( RW or ReWa ) is a facility of the rescue service (RD). The crews of the RD vehicles ( ambulance vehicles ( KTW), ambulance vehicles (RTW), emergency medical vehicles (NAW), emergency doctor vehicles (NEF) and intensive care vehicles (ITW)) stay in it when they are not on duty.

The location of the rescue stations is determined by the provider of the rescue service (usually local government or emergency rescue association , in Baden-Württemberg rescue service area committee) in accordance with state law requirements (location on streets, distribution within an area, spatial and temporal distance to neighboring guards, accessible population per time unit etc.). The number of ambulance guards in an ambulance service area depends primarily on the respective applicable rescue deadline .

Rescue stations are usually built by the aid organization or fire brigade that operates the rescue service in this area. The state can give financial subsidies for the construction. In the context of a new rescue station, additional rooms (e.g. for administration, training) can be provided by the client; however, these are not eligible.

A rescue station should have at least a vehicle garage, a lounge and a rest room for the crew (s), an office for administrative matters, a storage room and a disinfection room. Sometimes, however, existing rooms are used that are actually suboptimal as a rescue station, because z. B. must be disinfected in the only toilet / shower.

For every rescue station, one person has the function of a so-called " watch head ", even if they are called differently within the organization. The head of the watch is responsible for the internal operations of the rescue station and in this function is the contact person for authorities, namely the rescue control center (RLSt).

The largest German rescue station is the main ambulance station Stuttgart which 2 NEF , 17 RTW , 1 infection ambulance, 1 ITW , 1 Baby-NAW , 19 KTW has and 5 operational command vehicles (ELW). The 2,000 m² vehicle hall offers space for 45 emergency vehicles.

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