Specialist group bridge construction

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FGr bridge construction

The specialist group for bridge construction (FGr BrB) as a specialist group of the THW builds temporary crossings, bridges and repairs or secures destroyed bridge parts to maintain the logistical infrastructure and transport connections for the units of the THW, for other auxiliary workers and for the population. So-called Bailey bridges and D bridges are used.

Vehicles / equipment

As shown, the specialist group is part of the technical train and maintains

  • Truck bridge construction with 72 mt loading crane (i.e. 2.5 tons at 20.5 m radius)
  • Multi-purpose vehicle, type B, 5t, gl, tail lift (MzKW B)
  • 18t trailer with platform for picking up containers
  • Inflatable boat 1t with trailer inflatable boat (additional equipment)

Personnel / strength

Short form:

0/4/14/ 18

Function and helper overview:

  • 1 group leader
  • 3 squad leaders
  • 14 technical helpers
In the bridge construction specialist group, the following additional functions are occupied by the 14 technical assistants (double additional functions required, e.g. driver and radio operator):
  • 2 CE drivers / radio operator / loading crane operator
  • 2 CE drivers / radio operators
  • 1 paramedic
  • 2 THW welders / flame cutters

14 specialist groups for bridge building are set up nationwide.

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