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The specialist group for logistics (FGr Log) as a specialist group of the THW supplies the units and facilities of the THW and other consumers with material and services, especially in the field of catering and consumables, and takes care of material maintenance. It carries out maintenance and repair work as well as expert examinations within the THW. During deployment, she also takes on general transport tasks, material management tasks and logistics jobs for other users. Functionally, these specialist groups are successors to the utility service .

The specialist group logistics is subject to the reservation of the regional offices superordinate to the local association, unless it has been assigned to the local association itself.

Vehicles / equipment

The specialist group is not part of the technical train and has consisted of 3 teams since 2004:

Logistics management team (FüTr Log)

  • Car station wagon

Material maintenance team (Log-M-Tr)

  • Crew truck, type V (MLW 5)
  • Truck tipper 9 t with loading crane 60 kNm
  • Workshop trailer 5 t

Catering squad (Log-V-Tr)

  • Crew truck, type V (MLW 5)
  • 7 t truck with tail lift
  • Field cooker trailer
  • if necessary, mobile dishwasher trailer (additional equipment)

Personnel / strength

Short form:

Third / 14/ 18

Troop, function and helper overview:

Logistics management team (FüTr Log)
  • 1 Head of FGr Log
  • 1 troop leader FüTr Log (accounting officer / driver B / radio operator)
  • 1 specialist assistant (driver B / radio operator)
Material maintenance team (Log-M-Tr)
  • 1 troop leader Log-M-Tr
  • 5 technical assistants:
  • 2 CE / GGVS / ADR drivers / radio operator / loading crane operator
  • 1 paramedic
  • 2 THW welders / flame separators
Catering squad (LogVTr)
  • 1 troop leader LogVTr (cook)
  • 8 technical assistants:
  • 2 cooks FGr Log
  • 2 cooks FGr Log / driver B / radio operator
  • 2 drivers CE / GGVS / ADR / radio operator
  • 1 paramedic
  • 1 hygiene assistant

There are 66 logistics specialist groups nationwide, one for each regional office. The catering team and the material maintenance team of a logistics specialist group can be stationed at different locations within the area of ​​a regional office.

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