Expert group water damage / pumps

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Truck W / P with equipment

Large pump of the THW

FGr water damage / pumps in action

The specialist group for water damage / pumps (FGr WP) as a specialist group of the THW carries out pumping and bilge work to remedy and contain risks in the event of flooding and flooding, removes waste water from damaged areas and combats damaging water (e.g. in Basements, sewers , shelters, wells , traffic and other public interest facilities, etc.). Furthermore, she works with the dyke and dam protection and supports other workers. The water damage / pumps specialist groups also represent the successor to some of the earlier repair trains.

Vehicles / equipment

The WP specialist group is part of a technical train and maintains

  • Vehicles:
    • 7 t truck with tail lift
    • MLW IV 3 t
    • Trailer 7 t with tarpaulin
    • Trailer dirty water pump (5,000, 15,000 or 25,000 liters / minute delivery rate)
  • Furnishing:
    • Submersible pumps up to 3000 liters / minute
    • Device to contain water ingress and water damage
    • Device for shutting off water and sewage pipes
    • extensive cable and hose equipment
    • Collection container for water / waste water and contaminated fire fighting water

Personnel / strength

Short form:

0/3/9/ 12

Function and helper overview:

  • 1 group leader
  • 2 squad leaders (respirators / CBRN helpers)
  • 9 technical helpers
In the water damage / pumps specialist group, the following additional functions are occupied by the 9 technical assistants (double additional functions required, e.g. driver and radio operator):
  • 4 machinists pumps
  • 4 respirators / CBRN helpers
  • 4 CE drivers / radio operators
  • 1 paramedic

120 water damage / pumps specialist groups are set up nationwide.

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