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The specialist group Blasting (FGr Sp) as a specialist group of the THW takes on tasks to rescue people and animals, to preserve important property and to remove sources of danger using blasting technology . In the THW assignment abroad, she takes on tasks from her entire range of services. It is the only non-military and non-police demolition component in security.


  • Blasting structures and parts of structures when there is a risk of collapse, to create entrances and access roads or to clear rubble.
  • Opening blasts to create accesses and openings in structures such. B. to rescue people or as a smoke outlet / source of fire access to support the fire brigade.
  • Wood blasts for separating / removing wooden structures, trees, branches, wind breaks, for clearing traffic routes and the like. a. m.
  • Blasting metal components for laying down and separating lattice masts, for separating / releasing steel components, rails, wire ropes etc., for opening metal and pressure vessels.
  • Rock and rock blasting landslide, rockfall or-Danger, for obtaining material for the construction of Behelfsstraßen / -because, Knäppersprengungen etc.
  • Blasting on and in the water, in particular the blasting of dams or dikes in extreme flood situations, blasting of wedged floating debris in front of bridges and inlets, underwater blasting (in cooperation with trained professional divers).
  • Ice blasting to dissolve ice surfaces in front of buildings and to remove accumulated ice to ward off flooding.
  • Blasting cultures in nature and environmental protection, creating wetlands, blasting stumps.
  • Other blasting work such as mast hole and trench blasting etc. v. a. m.
  • Pyrotechnics to visualize damage during exercises.
  • All of the above-mentioned tasks can be taken on when deploying abroad.

In the removal of floating debris and dangerous alluvial deposits in flood situations, as well as windbreak blasts, the blasting specialist group is of the greatest importance.

Vehicles / equipment

  • 1 crew truck, type V (transporter 3.5 t, high roof, closed box, 1 + 5 places). The MLW V is a multifunctional vehicle that is used in the blasting specialist group and in the technical train.
  • Devices for drilling and chiseling holes and crevices

Personnel / strength

Short form:

0/2/4/ 6

Function and helper overview:

  • 1 group leader (authorized to blast, respirator / CBRN helper)
  • 1 squad leader (authorized to blast, respirator / CBRN helper)
  • 4 technical helpers
In the specialist group Sprengen, the following additional functions are occupied by the 4 technical assistants (double additional functions required, e.g. driver and radio operator):
  • 1 person authorized to blast, wearers of breathing apparatus / CBRN helper
  • 2 respiratory equipment wearers / CBRN helpers
  • 2 BE drivers / radio operators
  • 1 paramedic
  • 3 blasters

There are 46 blasting specialist groups nationwide.

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