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The specialist group for infrastructure (FGr I) is a specialist group of the THW for the dangers of defective supply and disposal systems. It carries out necessary safety or shut-off measures on electrical, water, gas and sewage pipes in the field of house and building technology to eliminate dangers and emergencies. It repairs important distribution and consumer systems temporarily, sets up electrical, water and sewage systems in emergency shelters, provision rooms and facilities of public interest. It ensures the power supply of emergency devices in cooperation with other units at the damage site. She works technically and personally with supply and disposal companies. If necessary, it helps to operate emergency wells and shelters.

Vehicles / equipment

The strength and equipment verification of the THW provides for the following vehicles for the infrastructure specialist group:

  • Crew truck , type IV, (MLW 4), 3 t payload, all-terrain
  • Crew truck, type V (MLW 5), 1.2 t payload.

Since in many places there are still excess vehicles from the time of the repair trains, there are different combinations of vehicles in the Infrastructure department. Some parts of the trains mentioned were transferred to the infrastructure specialist groups in the past millennium.

Personnel / strength

Short form:

0/3/9/ 12

Function and helper overview:

  • 1 group leader
  • 2 squad leaders (respirator / NBC helper)
  • 9 technical helpers
In the infrastructure specialist group, the following additional functions are occupied by the 9 technical assistants (double additional functions required, e.g. driver and radio operator):
  • 4 breathing apparatus wearers / ABC helper
  • 4 CE drivers / radio operators
  • 1 paramedic
  • 1 THW welder / flame cutter
  • 1 PE / PVC welder

There are 83 infrastructure specialist groups nationwide.

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