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A wheel loader from THW

The specialist group clearing (FGr R) is a specialist group of the THW . There are 163 specialist rooms throughout Germany.


The clearing department removes obstacles and rubble or levels them, creates access and exit routes for its own unit and for other specialist services with heavy construction machinery. It supports the penetration of trapped or buried persons (by lifting, crushing or removing large debris, excavation work etc.) and carries out non-postponable securing work (laying down, leveling) on ​​parts of buildings or structures that are in danger of collapsing. It carries out chiselling and drilling work as part of the specialist task and for other specialist groups ( e.g. blasting ). In the area of ​​critical infrastructures, construction machines are used for immediate safety and repair work. It continues to support logistics and preparation tasks through its transport and handling capacities.
The three types of the specialist group (A, B and C) differ in the type of construction machine used. The clearing groups are the successors of certain sub-units of the earlier rescue trains in the rescue service .

Strength and equipment

The specialist group is part of the technical train , its staff strength and equipment depends on the strength and equipment verification .

Vehicles / equipment

The technical equipment of the specialist groups includes:

  • Truck tipper 8t gl, all -terrain construction site truck with tipping bridge and a payload of 8t
  • Compressed air generator 4m³ / min with mortising and drilling tools, a compressed air system as a trailer
  • Trailer low loader 18t, a trailer about 10m long for transporting the rescue clearing device or other loads
  • Salvage device, a specially equipped excavator in three different versions
    • Type A: 12t wheel excavator with backhoe bucket, grab bucket, breaker and load hook
    • Type B: 10t wheel loader with pallet fork and 4-in-1 shovel
    • Type C: Telescopic loader 10t with pallet fork, work platform and 4-in-1 shovel

Personnel / strength

The entire specialist group consists of nine people (in short: 0/2/7/9 ).

Function and helper overview:

In the rooms specialist group, the following additional functions are occupied by the seven technical assistants (double additional functions required, for example: driver and radio operator):
  • 5 construction machinery drivers / drivers CE / radio operators / respiratory protection equipment / CBRN helpers
  • 1 paramedic

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