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The check-in is a process in which travelers their arrival in a hotel , airport or port login. This can also be done in a similar way in a social network .

Air travel

Alitalia check-in machines at Florence Airport

The term is particularly common for air travel. At check-in, upon presentation of the transport authorization ( ticket ), a seat will be allocated on the aircraft , if necessary, luggage will be accepted which may not be taken on board as hand luggage , and the passenger will receive the boarding pass and proof of the luggage number (tag number receipt). This usually six-digit number, together with the airline IATA code, is an identification option if the item of luggage is lost.

Classically, check-in is carried out at a counter with a conveyor belt for checked baggage. These counters are separated according to airline and, if necessary, also according to seat class.

There are often so-called e-check-in machines at the airport. These are devices that customers use to identify themselves and receive their boarding pass. There is also a choice of seat. Customers who have checked in in advance can check in their baggage at special baggage-only counters. Groups can use the machine together and thus reserve neighboring seats.

With online check-in (or e-check-in ), the customer can print out a boarding pass - or paperwork - from their PC over the Internet. If the customer does not have any checked baggage, he saves the time of conventional check-in. However, online check-in is not yet available in all countries and on all flights.

In addition to online check-in , some airlines offer their customers the option of mobile check-in . A few hours before the flight , the customer is asked via SMS via his cell phone whether he would like to check in. After answering by SMS, he receives a boarding MMS or an e-mail that enables boarding via a 2D barcode . Likewise, many airlines nowadays offer check-in via an app , whereupon the barcode of the flight ticket is available in it.

Another possibility is the evening check-in, also known as late-night check-in. Passengers can check in their luggage at the airport the evening before (usually between 6 and 8 p.m.).

Other modes of transport

Check-in may also be required for other types of travel, such as the Eurostar high-speed trains and maritime passenger shipping on ferries and cruises.

Hotel stay

This term has also been used for hotel stays for some time. Here, the check-in includes the recording of the guest's personal details with the help of a registration form , if necessary checking the creditworthiness and handing over the room key.

Social networks

Some social networks allow their users to "check in" at a real location and thus tell friends or other users where they are. Well-known examples from the USA are Facebook , Foursquare , Yelp , Swarm and Gowalla . In Germany, services such as Friendticker, Dailyplaces or Qype have been set up that also integrate check-in into their applications. The check-in takes place via a mobile app on a smartphone . The basis is the location of the user via the integrated (A) GPS . In addition to communicating one's own point of view, incentives, so-called goodies , such as vouchers or admission tickets are offered in cooperation with advertising partners , which the user can win with a certain number of check-ins specified in advance by the provider. For example, Friendticker organized an action in which you had to check in with your smartphone at seven points in Berlin in order to get a DVD.

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