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Personnel transport vehicle

Personnel transport vehicle
Personnel transport vehicle

Vehicle data

Abbreviation: MTW / MTF
Country: Germany
Crew : 0/1/8/ 9
Perm. Total mass : 3500 kilograms

A team transport vehicle (MTW), also known as a team transport vehicle (MTF) or - in earlier times - a team vehicle , is an emergency vehicle that is used by the fire brigade , THW and various other aid organizations and primarily used to transport groups of people ( teams ). The police refer to such vehicles as group vehicles (GruKW or GruKw).

Standardization and structure

Crew transport vehicles are not standardized by DIN. However, some federal states (Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria as well as Saxony for water rescue) have issued state technical instructions for the construction of such vehicles. In addition, have the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) and its predecessor agencies for the Civil Protection specifies certain Mannschaftstransportwagen closer and standardized by data sheets (see section Mannschaftstransportwagen civil protection ).

Most personnel carriers are based on conventional vans , either as minibuses or as flatbed trucks . They are almost always equipped with radio, rotating beacon and secondary horn . Further equipment and expansion are carried out in accordance with DIN EN 1846.

Use and variants

In addition to transporting people, the personnel carriers are primarily used as command vehicles (ELW) or multi-purpose vehicles (MZF) with different functions or as towing vehicles for various trailers . Often - if there is no legal stipulation - no significant differences to the MZF can be determined.

Personnel transport vehicles in civil protection

In civil protection, personnel carriers were and are used in a variety of ways. The type MTW was standardized by the BBK for the medical task force of disaster control. Corresponding vehicles are equipped, among other things, with lights, warning clothing, a table, radio equipment and oil binding cloths, have nine seats and rear-wheel drive. The gross vehicle weight is 3.88 tons. For the special care service, team vehicles should be used in particular as a care combination. In addition, such vehicles are often used as a towing vehicle for material trailers, lifeboats and field cookers . One example is the care combination of the care group of the NRW unit. After the trailer has been transported to the site, the vehicle can be used like a full-fledged personnel carrier. Medical group vehicles were intended for the medical service. Sometimes other personnel carriers are also used there.

Crew transport vehicle with loading area (MTF-L)

While normal crew transport vehicles are based on a minibus, the crew transport vehicle with loading area is mainly designed for the transport of operational resources. The possibility of transporting people is restricted by the loading area. In many cases the MTF-L is used as an MZF with different functions such as equipment and passenger transport.

In the case of smaller fire brigade units, an MTF-L can stand as a second vehicle, next to a TSF , TSF-W or a KLF . In disaster control, the combined technology and security is designed as a team transport vehicle with a loading area. For fire brigades, an MTF-L is usually equipped with oil binding agents, hoses and other resources depending on the purpose.

Similar vehicles exist at the THW under the name of crew trucks .

Abbreviations and paging names

  • MTF = crew transport vehicle
  • MTW = personnel carrier
  • MTF-L = crew transport vehicle with loading area

In the bad radio , a crew transport vehicle of the fire department responds with the radio call: "../19/ .. Florian," has provided the respective State, the "nationwide call sign" in bad radio (4-meter band) introduced. The MTF-L has the identifier 18.

For vehicles of the THW, the following rule applies nationwide for the radio call names: The MTW of the train crew has a tactical code that ends with "10". The tactical code number ends with "25" for the MTW of the local association and the numbers 26 to 28 are available for other personnel carriers, for example from specialist groups.

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