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The gross vehicle weight (GVW) is the sum of the curb weight plus the maximum payload of a vehicle or a combination of vehicles. In the German StVO and StVZO the term permissible total weight (ZGG) is also used synonymously , while in Austria the term maximum permissible total weight (HzG) is used.

Vehicles are divided into a corresponding weight class depending on their gross vehicle weight, which in many countries is decisive for the required driving license (see e.g. driving license (EU law) ).

Situation in Germany

In Germany, the maximum permissible mass for vehicles is described in Section 34 of the StVZO . The information in brackets in the table below relates to vehicles with air suspension .

Vehicles with two or fewer axles:
Motor vehicle and trailer each 18 t
Vehicles with 3 axles:
Motor vehicle 25 t (26 t)
pendant 24 t
Omnibus as an articulated vehicle 28 t
Motor vehicle with 2 double axles: 32 t
Vehicle combinations (vehicle and trailer):
with 3 axes 28 t
with 4 axes (2 + 2) 36 t
with 4 axes (3 + 1) 35 t (36 t)
more than 4 axes 40 t
Tractor unit and semitrailer:
with 3 axes 28 t
with 4 axes (3 + 1) 35 t (36 t)
with 4 axes (2 + 2) 36 t (38 t)
with 5/6 axles (only in combined transport ) 44 t
Exceptions in heavy transport
Tractor units with 2 double axles 35 t
Trailer with 4 tires 10 t per axle
Semi-trailer (low or flat bed) with 4 tires 12 t per axle
Semi-trailer (low or flat bed) with 8 tires 20 t per axle

Furthermore, the zGM is decisive for driving license classes in driving license law .

In the current regulation texts of the StVO and StVZO, the two terms permissible total weight and permissible total mass are used synonymously.


Since October 1, 2015, the truck toll has been in effect in Germany for trucks with a GVW of 7.5 t or more - previously the limit was 12.0 t. Since 2019, the permissible total mass has been used to calculate the infrastructure load, not the number of axles as before. In Austria, the maximum permissible mass for the truck toll is not taken into account.

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