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Tabi couple

Tabi ( Japanese 足 袋 ) are a type of ankle-high Japanese socks with a separate big toe .


They are usually worn with Zōri or Geta (both sandals). White tabi are common; But men also occasionally wear black. There are also patterned and colored tabi. However, these are rare. Today there are also stretch versions that are particularly close to the foot, which is considered aesthetic in Japan.

There is also a reinforced version of the tabi ( 地下 足 袋 , jika-tabi literally "tabi that touch the ground"), often with a rubber coating on the sole, which can be worn without additional sandals or shoes. This type of tabi is worn by construction workers, farmers or gardeners, for example, because they provide a better grip than zori. The space between the big toe and the other toes is also used for climbing scaffolding or ropes.

In the martial art Bujinkan black and in kyūdō white tabi belong to the training clothing.

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