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Tabitha , Tabita (טביתא or ܛܒܝܬܐ "Gazelle") is a feminine personal name from Aramaic . The German version of the name, which goes back to the Luther Bible , is Tabea . Their Greek name , which was also used, was Dorkas , which is translated as "deer" in the Luther translation.

The feast day of St. Tabitha in Orthodox , Roman Catholic, and Lutheran Churches - Missouri Synod is October 25th .

Origin and meaning of the name

Tabitha was a disciple of Jesus from the city of Joppa on the Mediterranean. Tabitha was known for her warm-heartedness and willingness to help ( Acts 9: 36-41  EU : “she did a lot of good and gave plenty of alms”). While Peter was serving in the Joppa area, Tabitha fell ill and died. Peter was called from nearby Lydda . He asked those present to leave the room, prayed and ordered “Tabitha, get up!”. She opened her eyes and Peter helped her up (see also: Raising Tabitha ).

Well-known namesake