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In front of the front edge of the tailerons, the marking applied to the body for the full deflection of the tailerons (full up / down) can be seen

Tailerons are conventional elevators attached to the rear of an aircraft , usually in the form of a pendulum rudder, which support or replace the function of the aileron by independently controlling the two halves of the rudder . The term is a suitcase word made up of tail and aileron , the English names for aircraft tail and ailerons. It is a function-integrating component.

Among other things, tailerons can be found in the Panavia Tornado .

See also

  • Elevon - ailerons that take on the role of the elevator
  • Flaperon - ailerons that also serve as flaps
  • Spoileron - spoilers that support or replace the ailerons

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