Takaka Hill

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Takaka Hill is a mountain area in the northwest of the South Island of New Zealand . The marble mountain is weathered in numerous bizarre forms and is a typical karst area with the typical sinkholes .

The only road leading over the mountain winds along the valley of the Takaka River to the northwest and along the valley of the Riwaka River to the southeast along the slopes.

The mountain reaches a height of 760 m. It isolates the coastal communities of Golden Bay from the more populous Tasman Bay in the southeast and from the rest of the South Island.

Takaka Hill is known for its marble quarrying and numerous caves, including

  • the publicly accessible Ngarua Cave , in which deposits of Moa bones can be seen
  • Harwood Hole , for a time the deepest cave in New Zealand at 357 m, is now number 13 in the ranking of the deepest caves in New Zealand
  • Legless ranked 12th among the longest caves at 362 m
  • Perseverance Cave 315 m deep (17th place)
  • Ed's Cellar , 259 m (22nd place)
  • Canaan Downs Cave , 245 m (23rd place)
  • Summit Tomo 243 m (26th place)
  • the Greenlink system in Takaka Hill ranks 14th among the longest caves in New Zealand at 5228 m.

Like many other areas in and around Golden Bay, Takaka Hill was used for filming the trilogy The Lord of the Rings .

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Coordinates: 41 ° 2 ′  S , 172 ° 51 ′  E