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The Tanheli-site ( Chinese  炭河里遗址 , Pinyin Tànhélǐ yízhǐ ) is an archaeological place from the time of the Western Zhou Dynasty in the circle Ningxiang the prefecture-level city in Changsha , the capital of the Chinese province of Hunan .

For the first time, an old fortified town from the Western Zhou period in Hunan Province was discovered here.

The findings of their bronze devices provide new knowledge about the Chinese bronze culture .

The Tanheli site has been on the List of Monuments of the People's Republic of China (6-166) since 2006 .

The site was studied by the Hunan Province Cultural Objects and Archeology Institute under the direction of Xiang Taochu .

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Coordinates: 28 ° 9 '21.6 "  N , 112 ° 6' 22.7"  E