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The Kummer dance school was a dance school in the Styrian capital Graz .


The dance sport trainer Julius Kummer has been giving dance lessons for ballroom dances at different locations in Styria since 1947. In 1950 he and his wife Erika founded their own dance school in the Schweizerhaus am Hilnteich , which after several renovations in 1962 became the largest dance school in Austria.

In 1972, after a further expansion, the first discotheque (the "Beatkeller") was opened within a dance school. After Julius Kummer's death in 1976, his son Edgar and the widow took over the management. Erika Kummer achieved recognition with innovative polonaise variants. In 1984 she was the first woman to lead the polonaise at the Vienna Opera Ball .

In 1995 she handed over the management to her daughter Daniela Kummer. In June 1999 her team won with her choreography "The Dirty Boogie" at the world finals of the " Dance of the Year " in Blackpool, England .

A further expansion of the premises took place in 2006, so that live concerts and festivals take place there. In 2009 the Kummer family was responsible for the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball . Daniela Kummer's choreography “The Flowers of Life” is the first opening of the opera ball in female hands. The dance school was closed in 2011.

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