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Telangiectasia in a patient with Osler's disease

Benign telangiectasias on the ear
Classification according to ICD-10
I78.1 Nevus, non-neoplastic
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)

Telangiectasias ( Greek τῆλε ( téle ) "wide", "distant"; ἀγγεῖον ( angéion ) "vessel"; ἔκτασις ( éktasis ) "expansion") are irreversibly dilated capillary vessels of the skin that are visible to the naked eye . In addition, in medical parlance, “telangiectasia” often includes individual vessels in the upper dermis that are visible to the naked eye .
Telangiectasias can usually be easily pushed away with a glass spatula.

In the eye there are telangiectasias of the retina , Coats disease and the macula , macular telangiectasias .


Telangiectasias are often found on the face ( couperose ) or hands , but also intracerebral . They are mostly harmless, but can also be signs of diseases such as collagenosis , Osler's disease / hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia ( HHT ), mycosis fungoides , carcinoid syndrome and Louis-Bar syndrome . In the case of basalioma , a malignant skin tumor, telangiectasias are a diagnostic criterion. Telangiectasias are the actual lesion in the fire mark and spider nevi . Telangiectasias are also typical physical symptoms of alcohol addiction and liver cirrhosis . Telangiectasias also occur in systemic scleroderma .


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