Tennessee Walking Horse

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Tennessee Walking Horse
Tennessee Walking Horse2.jpg
Important data
Origin: United States
Main breeding area: USA, especially Tennessee
Distribution: mainly in the breeding area
Stick measure : 145-173 cm
Colors : all
Main application area: Riding and show horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse is from the 19th century Narragansett Pacer and standardbred , Morgan , Thoroughbred and American Saddlebred bred gaited horse .

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The exterior of the Tennessee Walker is quite inconsistent. It's entirely possible that they look more like a quarter horse while other walkers look more like a thoroughbred . The predominant bloodlines are essential for this. In general, the Tennessee Walkers are medium-sized, elegant and harmonious horses. The head is either straight and sometimes slightly rammed and large, the high set, upright neck rather strong and long. A short back with good depth and a slightly sloping, muscular croup is just as much a part of the appearance as the high-set tail. The height is between 145 and 173 cm. Many Tennessee Walking Horses have extremely long long hair.


Walkers are very friendly, calm and intelligent horses, as well as very people-oriented and easy to ride horses.

Gait predisposition

The characteristic and name-giving feature of the breed is the walk, a horse gait that is an accelerated step. The individual steps are significantly lengthened so that the rear hooves foot well before the imprints of the front hooves. The slower flat walk reaches a speed of 8 to 11 kilometers per hour. The faster running walk reaches between 12 and 16 kilometers per hour. This makes the walk about as fast as a trot with other horse breeds.

Individual evidence

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