The Puzzy Power Manifesto

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The Puzzy Power Manifesto ( Engl. For about Pussy -Macht- Manifesto ) or pussy-power manifesto includes some guidelines for porn movies , by the Danish porn film company Zentropa in 1998 for the movies Constance and Pink Prison and later for All About Anna were set up.

The guidelines are intended to produce aesthetic porn films aimed primarily at women, as the company is convinced that women also like to watch porn, but do not do so due to the "misogyny" portrayed in the films. In the opinion of the company, porn films made according to the Puzzy Manifesto should have a relatively demanding plot; They completely dispense with extreme close-ups and cumshot scenes.

Meanwhile opted for such "female-friendly porn", the term Heartcore (Engl. Heartcore for warm core) established. It is based on the porn film synonym Hardcore (English hard core for hard core), which includes the explicit representation of penetrations and extreme, especially aggressive or deviating from normal variants of sex.

Content of the manifest

  • The film must have a plot.
  • The film should be erotic, emotional, imaginative, passionate and meet the needs of women.
  • Emphasis should be placed on the erotic representation of the whole body and not just the genitals.
  • The films can be set in the past or the present.
  • Subtle humor is welcome, such as a hilarious sequence at the beginning of a movie to break the ice.
  • The only limitation is that women are not forced to do anything. Rape that is “only” portrayed as a woman's fantasy is fine.
  • Oral sex scenes in which the women are forced to fellatio and are ejaculated in their faces are completely rejected .

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