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Peruvian display of fellatio, Mochica ceramics
Roman oil lamp depicting fellatio

The Fellatio (formerly also fellare from latin fellare 'suck ) is a form of oral sex , wherein the penis through the mouth , tongue and lips - when the Irrumatio (the Irrumare) similar, so-called Deepthroating also by the pharyngeal region - of the sexual partner stimulated becomes; Sucking, blowing and sucking on the penis are also possible. The fellatio practitioner is called a fellator . In technical terms the fellatio process is also called coitus per os ("introduction of the penis into the mouth"). Colloquial names include "someone a blow", from the English adopted blowjob or "( Sex on) French". The latter term includes oral sex in general, including cunnilingus , the stimulation of the female sexual organs with the mouth and tongue.


Fellatio is often practiced during foreplay , both to increase sexual desire and to bring about an erection . In adolescents and young adults, it serves as a form of petting for sexual exploration. Men with a weak erection, who are therefore unable to penetrate vaginally or anally, sometimes achieve the opportunity to practice penetrating sex with fellatio. In addition to the physical excitement, there can also be a connection with psychological and social components, which in such cases can increase the attractiveness of fellatio. In particular, symbolic connections with dominance, control and power on the part of the penetrating party and devotion on the part of the executing party are used. At the same time, the idea of ​​doing something forbidden or breaking a taboo can lead to an increase in arousal.

Few, especially agile, men can satisfy themselves orally. This form of masturbation is called autofellatio (colloquial English self-suck ). A realistically filmed autofellatio, which is introduced with an incomplete "roll backwards" , is part of the plot in the feature film Shortbus . A figure on Cologne's town hall , which dates roughly to the year 1410, obviously represents autofellatio.

Distribution in the animal kingdom

Fellatio when mating fruit bats

Fellatio is also known in other primate species. It was observed especially in bonobos , but there mostly as an interaction pattern of juvenile males. Although it is widely believed that fellatio is specific to primates , it is not. For example, there is a chance shot of a kangaroo practicing autofellatio. Regardless of such coincidences, fellatio has been proven in the mating of a species ( Cynopterus sphinx ) of the fruit bats.


Fellatio is a form of sexual contact that carries the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases . Ejaculation in the mouth poses a risk of infection for HIV and classic sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea , especially on the part of the partner whose mouth is involved (and especially in the case of injuries to the palate). Health aid institutions, for example the German AIDS Help Organization or the Federal Center for Health Education , recommend that certain safer sex rules be adhered to in order to reduce the risk of infection during sexual contact . For HIV prevention in fellatio, it is recommended either to use a condom or to ensure that semen does not get into the mouth. The risk of infection for HIV through pre-ejaculate and saliva is rated as low.

Studies show a correlation between oral sex and throat cancer . It is believed that this is due to the transmission of HPV , a virus that is responsible for the majority of cases of cervical cancer and which has been found in throat cancer tissues in numerous studies. The study concludes that people who have had one to five sex partners (oral) in their lifetime are about twice as likely to develop throat cancer than those who have never had oral sex and those who have more than five sex partners ( oral) had a 250 percent increased risk of throat cancer.


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