Theodor Fontane Society

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The Theodor Fontane Gesellschaft eV is a literary association that wants to cultivate and promote the preoccupation with the life and work of Theodor Fontane . It is based in Fontane's native town of Neuruppin . The magazine Fontane Blätter appears every six months as the joint publication organ of the Theodor Fontane Society and the Theodor Fontane Archive .


The company was founded on December 15, 1990 in Potsdam .

The Theodor Fontane Society consists of approx. 1100 members in 20 countries; 14 regional sections and groups of friends in Germany, one group of friends in Great Britain and one group of friends in Poland. The society is a member of the Association of Literary Societies and Memorials. V.


The chairman is Roland Berbig , the deputy chairman is Leander Wattig . Other board members are Treasurer Karin Schopp, Secretary Monika Stoye, Christiane Barz, Lutz Hesse, Peer Trilcke and Andreas Köstler.

Charlotte Jolles , Helmuth Nürnberger and Hubertus Fischer were appointed honorary presidents . Further honorary members are Ingeborg Fontane, Sigurd Hauff, Manfred Horlitz, Joachim Kleine and Eda Sagarra.

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