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Tirukkoyilur (India)
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State : IndiaIndia India
State : Tamil Nadu
District : Viluppuram
Sub-district : Tirukkoyilur
Location : 11 ° 58 ′  N , 79 ° 12 ′  E Coordinates: 11 ° 58 ′  N , 79 ° 12 ′  E
Residents : 30,212 (2011)


Tirukkoyilur ( Tamil : திருக்கோவிலூர் Tirukkōvilūr [ ˈt̪irɯkːoːʋiluːr ] or திருக்கோயிலூர் Tirukkōyilūr [ ˈt̪irɯkːoːjiluːr ], also Tirukoilur, Thirukovilur etc.) is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu . The population is around 30,000 (2011 census).

Tirukkoyilur is located on the south bank of the periodically water-bearing Ponnaiyar River in the Viluppuram district in northern Tamil Nadu, around 200 kilometers southwest of Chennai and eleven kilometers west of the district capital Viluppuram . The city is the capital of taluks (sub-district) Tirukkoyilur.

The Ulagalantha Perumal Temple in Tirukkoyilur

The name Tirukkoyilur means "holy ( tiru ) temple ( koyil ) place ( ur )" in the local Tamil language . Tirukkoyilur is also home to two important Hindu shrines: the Ulagalantha Perumal Temple, dedicated to the god Vishnu , in the west and the Veeratteswarar temple, dedicated to the god Shiva , on the banks of the Ponnaiyar River in the east of the city. The Ulagalantha Perumal Temple is one of the 108 holy places of Tamil Vishnuism ( Divya Desams ) and the Veeratteswarar Temple is one of the 274 holy places of Tamil Shaivism ( Padal Petra Sthalams ). At Veeratteswarar Temple, in the riverbed of the Ponnaiyar River, there is a rock on which, according to legend, the poet Kabilar is said to have fasted to death.

84 percent of the residents of Tirukkoyilur are Hindus , 9 percent are Muslims and 6 percent are Christians . As in all of Tamil Nadu, the main language is Tamil, which is spoken by 95 percent of the population as their mother tongue.

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