Titular diocese of Centuriones

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Centuriones is a titular bishopric of the Roman Catholic Church .

The city, located in North Africa , was an old Roman bishopric that went down in the 7th century with the Islamic expansion . This was in the Roman province of Numidia .

Titular Bishops of Centuriones
No. Surname Office from to
1 Alberto Trevisan SAC Auxiliary Bishop in the Military Ordinary of Brazil
Auxiliary Bishop in São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro
February 25, 1964 March 19, 1998
2 Kiro Stojanov Auxiliary Bishop in Skopje ( Macedonia ) January 4, 1999 July 20, 2005
3 Renato Pine Mayugba Auxiliary Bishop in Lingayen-Dagupan ( Philippines ) October 18, 2005 October 12, 2012
4th Wassyl Tutschapez OSBM Archbishop Exarch of Kharkiv ( Ukraine ) April 2, 2014

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