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General information
origin Melbourne , Australia
Genre (s) skirt
founding 2008
Current occupation
Michael Mills
Andrew Saltmarsh
Bass , vocals (live)
Amy Campbell
Guitar, vocals (live)
Lachlan Barclay
Drums (live)
Mike Solo

Toehider is a rock band from Melbourne , Australia . The range of their music is extraordinarily wide. Their influences include progressive rock , pop , hard rock , metal and folk . You see yourself musically influenced by Queen and Kornog as well as by comics ( Dr. Seuss ) and cartoon series (Robostory).


Toehider was founded in 2008 by Michael Mills. After their debut EP Toe Hider was released in the same year, another twelve EPs were released from May 2009 to April 2010 as part of a 12in12 project, which was released on the twelfth of each month in twelve consecutive months. During these recordings, the band experimented with different musical styles. The EPs were each provided with cover artwork and a 2-page comic by their graphic designer Andrew Saltmarsh. The first of these twelve EPs Children of the Sun , which contained adaptations of cartoon music, had to be withdrawn for copyright reasons.

In 2011, their debut album To Hide Her was released . The EP Children of the Sun Part 2 , released in 2012, again contains adaptations of cartoon music. The second album by the band What Kind of Creature Am I? was published in 2014. In 2015 the EP Mainly Songs About Robots was recorded with Vinny Appice on drums and released in September of the same year.

In 2013 mastermind Michael Mills made a guest appearance as a singer on the Ayreon album The Theory of Everything .



  • 2011: To Hide Her (Bird's Robe Records)
  • 2014: What Kind of Creature Am I? (Bird's Robe Records)
  • 2017: Good


  • 2008: Toe Hider (self-published)
  • 2009: Not Much of a Man (self-published)
  • 2009: Old, Old, Old (self-published)
  • 2009: Toehider Too! (Self-publication)
  • 2009: How Did Counterquistle Lose His Pajamas (self-published)
  • 2009: Metaltarsus (own publication )
  • 2009: In All Honesty (self-published)
  • 2009: Under the Mistletoe (self-published)
  • 2010: 9 (self-publication)
  • 2010: Do You Believe in Monsters? (Self-publication)
  • 2010: Never Mind the Hallux (self-published)
  • 2010: Done and Dusted (self-published)
  • 2012: Children of the Sun Part 2 : Another Collection of Under-appreciated Cartoon Themes from the 70's, 80's and 90's (self-published)
  • 2015: Mainly Songs About Robots (self-published)


  • 2011: The Most Popular Girl in School (Bird's Robe Records)
  • 2012: Smash It Out (Bird's Robe Records)
  • 2013: All I Want for Christmas Is You (feat.Phoebe Pinnock, Mariah Carey Cover, self-published)
  • 2013: Whatever Makes You Feel Superior (Bird's Robe Records)
  • 2014: Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush Cover, self-published)
  • 2014: Whoa! (Bird's Robe Records)


  • 2010: The First Six (EPs 1-6 complete; self-release)
  • 2010: The Last Six (EPs 7-12 complete; self-published)
  • 2010: Best of the '12EPs in 12 months' (self-published)

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