Tomás de Anchorena

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Tomás Manuel de Anchorena

Tomás Manuel de Anchorena (born November 29, 1783 in Buenos Aires , † April 29, 1847 there ) was an Argentine lawyer and statesman. He was a member of the Congress of Tucumán , on July 9, 1816, the independence of Argentina was declared.

Anchorena was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the Real Colegio de San Carlos , around 1807 he received his doctorate in law from the Universidad de Charcas. On his return to Buenos Aires in 1810 he attended the meeting in the Cabildo at which Buenos Aires was declared independent from Spain .

He worked as secretary for Manuel Belgrano and was elected delegate of the city of Buenos Aires to the Congress of Tucumán in 1815, where he was very active and voted for the adoption of the declaration of independence. He then became politically active in the province of Buenos Aires and was Argentine Foreign Minister during Juan Manuel de Rosas' first term .

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