Tommy Manville

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Mausoleum of Thomas Manville in the Kensico Cemetery

Tommy Manville (actually Thomas Franklyn Manville, Jr. ) (born April 9, 1894 , † October 9, 1967 ) was a celebrity and heir to Johns Manville's fortune. He was known for his great legacy and his thirteen weddings with eleven different women, which earned him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records .

His ninth wife, Anita Manville, wrote a biography called The Wives and Lives of Tommy Manville . He was expecting his first child with his eleventh wife, the 21-year-old German Christina Erdlen; after a miscarriage, he asked for the hand of 17-year-old American Joan Wynne, who declined the 66-year-old's offer.

He was reportedly the model for the role of Gary Cooper played Michael Brandon in the movie Bluebeard's Eighth Wife . Manville is also mentioned in Irving Berlin's song What Chance Have I With Love .

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