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Tony , bourgeois Manfred Oberdörffer , (born May 9, 1944 in Hamburg ) is a German pop singer , composer , lyricist and music producer . He was best known in the 1970s .


As Tony and Tony Tornado Oberdörffer was first known as a beat and rock singer . Here he was with the band "Die Tonics" in the 1960s . From this time there are also recordings with the band The Automatic Blues Inc., where he was known as "Leadsinger Jerry Blow", another pseudonym of Oberdörffer. These appeared on the German label Europa , which among other things specialized in the production of cheap long-playing records with no-name bands, which were mainly sold in department stores. At the beginning of the 1970s he switched to Schlager and had a few hits with which he was a guest on the ZDF hit parade, among others . His biggest success was Girl with Red Hair , whom he u. a. also on November 20, 1971 in the new presentations of the 28th edition of this legendary ZDF show. Between 1969 and 1977 he made a total of 13 appearances on this show. He completed the first on November 29, 1969 in the new releases of the 8th edition with the original German recording of Dynamite Woman . And at its last appearance on March 19, 1977 in the new productions of the 91st edition, the title The next summer will definitely be performed. Girl with red hair was also the title of his first studio album, released by Philips in 1972. More singles were released until the mid-1970s, then things got quieter around him, only occasionally did he put compositions on albums by Schlager colleagues such as Flippers or Nicole .

In 1991 he founded the group "Tony and the Beach Pirates" together with Karsten Runge ("Maat"), who had been successful with the "Muscle Sore" trio at the end of the 1970s, and Ronald David ("Smuttje"). He himself acted as "Captain". The band took part in the Lower Saxony competition Songs as beautiful as the north in 1991 . Their song Lüd vunne Woderkant only reached number 13. Nevertheless, the group was a guest on various music programs in the following period, especially in northern Germany.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Nuevo Laredo
  DE 24 08/15/1970 (2 weeks)
Girl with red hair
  DE 20th 25.10.1971 (21 weeks)
Girl you looked at me in love
  DE 41 11/06/1972 (1 week)
Come out Renate
  DE 40 06/30/1975 (1 week)


  • 1972: girl with red hair
  • Simply crazy
  • St. Pauli Polonaise


  • 1969 Dynamite Woman
  • 1970 Nuevo Laredo
  • 1971 I am a man
  • 1971 Hey, tonight
  • 1971 girl with red hair
  • 1972 girl, you looked at me in love
  • 1972 Stop it!
  • 1972 Miss Annette
  • 1972 Carnaval New Orleans
  • 1972 Roly Poly
  • 1973 Who Still Has Money (Sands of Sahara)
  • 1974 I spend the last of my money on flowers
  • 1974 I think of Annie
  • 1975 Come out, Renate
  • 1977 The next summer will definitely come
  • 1978 Little girls have to go to bed earlier
  • 1990s Ole Oleo and Mieke

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