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Topo of a multi-pitch route
Simplified topo of a climbing garden

The term topo (short for topography , the long form being almost uncommon) describes the graphic representation of a climbing route e.g. B. in a climbing guide (French Topo-Guide ).

Topos enable rock or ice climbers to estimate their degree of difficulty , length and course as well as the necessary safety equipment before starting the route . In topos, for example, standing places , possibilities for intermediate securing , overhangs , chimneys , cross passages , rock cracks , existing hooks , key points , abseiling routes etc. are drawn in .

In contrast to the topos with the symbols shown below, which are mainly used in alpine terrain, a simplified topoculture has formed in sports climbing gardens. Often only digital photos of the rock or different sections of the rock (sectors) are common. It shows the course of the routes with a list of levels of difficulty, the length of the route, or special features of the route or location.

Topo symbols

The Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme (UIAA) recommends the following standardized symbols for the creation of topos, which are used, among other things, by alpine club guides:

symbol meaning symbol meaning symbol meaning symbol meaning
UIAAToposymbol Kamin.jpg stack UIAAToposymbol Klemmblock.jpg Terminal block UIAAToposymbol Rinne.jpg Gutter UIAAToposymbol Platten.jpg plates
UIAAToposymbol Verschneendung.jpg Intersection UIAAToposymbol Riss.jpg Crack UIAAToposymbol Wasserstreifen.jpg Streak of water UIAAToposymbol Rampe.jpg ramp
UIAAToposymbol Kante.jpg Edge UIAAToposymbol Band.jpg tape UIAAToposymbol paragraph shoulder.jpg Heel / shoulder UIAAToposymbol Überhang.jpg Overhang
UIAAToposymbol Wächte.jpg cornice UIAAToposymbol Dach.jpg top, roof UIAAToposymbol niche cave.jpg Niche / cave UIAAToposymbol Schnee Firn.jpg Snow / firn
UIAAToposymbol boulder rubble.jpg Boulders / rubble UIAAToposymbol Gras.jpg grass UIAAToposymbol Baum.jpg tree UIAAToposymbol Latsche.jpg Mountain pine
UIAAToposymbol hourglass.jpg hourglass UIAAToposymbol Haken.jpg hook UIAAToposymbol Bohrhaken.jpg Bolts UIAAToposymbol key point.jpg Key point
UIAAToposymbol Fixes Drahtseil.jpg Fixed wire rope UIAAToposymbol Standplatz.jpg Stand UIAAToposymbol Biwakplatz.jpg Bivouac place UIAAToposymbol Abseilstelle.jpg Abseiling point
UIAAToposymbol Pendelquergang.jpg Pendulum traverse UIAAToposymbol visible route.jpg visible route UIAAToposymbol covered route.jpg hidden route UIAAToposymbol Variant.jpg variant

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