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The Alpine Club Guides ( AV-Führer or AVF ), which cover all important mountain groups in the Eastern Alps , are the standard work in the Eastern Alpine guide literature. They are published in cooperation with the German Alpine Association (DAV), the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) and the Alpine Association South Tyrol (AVS) and have been published by Bergverlag Rother in Munich since 1950 .

All routes are listed in the AV guide; The newer guides distinguish between an alpine and an extreme variant. The alpine guides contain the hiking trails, access to huts, summit climbs as well as ice and alpine tours of a mountain group up to difficulty level II, the extreme guides list everything that is more difficult, especially the climbing routes. The descriptions are factual to dry, sparsely illustrated - in contrast to Walter Pause's mountain books, for example - and, despite the introductory sections, assume general alpine knowledge and experience. The AV guides are often used as a basis for other publications and serve as a supplement to the Alpine Club maps or other map series.

Available Alpine Club guides

Out of stock alpine club guides

  • Ankogel and Goldberg Group ( Liselotte Buchenauer and Peter Holl, 1986)
  • Benediktenwand Group, Estergebirge and Walchenseeberge (W. and G. Zimmermann, 1977)
  • Brenta Group (Heinz Steinkötter, 1988)
  • Chiemgau Alps (Marianne and Helmuth Zebhauser, 1988)
  • Dachstein East (Willi End, 1980)
  • Dachstein West (Willi End, 1980)
  • Dolomites: Cristallo group (Jürgen and Angelika Schmidt, 1981)
  • Dolomites: Marmolada ( Heinz Mariacher , 1983)
  • Dolomites: Rosengarten Group (Heinz Mariacher, 1988)
  • Dolomites: Schiara group (Richard Goedeke, 1981)
  • Eisenerzer Alps ( Fritz Peterka )
  • Gesäuse Mountains / Ennstal Alps ( Willi End )
  • Hochschwab (Günter and Luise Auferbauer, 1990)
  • Kaisergebirge alpin , Munich 2006, 12th edition (Horst Höfler and Jan Piepenstock)
  • Kitzbühel Alps (Georg Bleier and Kurt Kettner, 1984)
  • Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge (Nikolaus Stockklauser and Adi Stocker, 1991)
  • Lienz Dolomites (Hubert Peterka and Willi End, 1984)
  • Rieserferner Group (Werner Beikircher, 1983)
  • Rofan Mountains (Rudolf Röder, Ernst Schmid and Rudger v. Werden, 1983)
  • Schobergruppe (Walter Mair, 1979)
  • Tannheimer Berge (Marcus Lutz, 1992)
  • Wetterstein , Munich 1996, 4th edition (Stefan Beulke)

SAC club leader

The alpine guides (or club guides ) of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) are the equivalent of the AV guides for the area of ​​the Swiss Western Alps . The SAC guides also describe all the peaks, paths and ascent routes in an area. Similar to the Alpine Club guides, several volumes of this are also regularly out of print and the appearance is no longer entirely up-to-date. However, this does not affect the quality of the content.

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