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Walter Pause (born July 23, 1907 in Heidelberg , † January 6, 1988 in Irschenhausen ) was a German writer and mountaineer .


After completing a commercial apprenticeship, Walter Pause joined the military. He then worked for fifteen years as a correspondent, advertising manager and editor for magazines. He published over 150 short stories, glosses and essays before writing his first book at the age of forty. In 1952 he wrote the commentary on Luis Trenker's short film Kleine Kletterfahrt .

His mountain books with route descriptions, elevation profiles, sketches and large-format photos by many photographers, published from around 1960 onwards, set new standards. Pause has worked with other authors on some volumes, for example with Jürgen Winkler on the volume Im extremen Fels . In his book series, there have also been a few works in which he has only participated, for example In Steep Eis by Erich Vanis . Later, his son Michael Pause reworked some volumes, for example the Munich local mountains or the Zurich local mountains . In 2015 the first update of the classic Im extremen Fels by Christoph Klein appeared, in 2017 the update of the classic Hiking in the Bavarian Forest by Isabelle Auer.


  • With happy eyes (1948)
  • With gasoline through Germany. A travel guide for contemplative drivers (1958)
  • 100 pleasure climbs in the Alps (1960, later under the title Im Schwer Fels )
  • Berg Heil (1961)
  • Off the Piste (1961)
  • From Hut to Hut (1962)
  • Hiking - Downhill (1964)
  • Ski Heil (1964)
  • In Ice and Primeval Rock (1964)
  • In the limestone cliffs of the Alps (1966)
  • Munich's local mountains (1967)
  • In extreme rock (1970, together with Jürgen Winkler )
  • Classic Alpine Peaks (1974)
  • Lifelong Alpine (1974, autobiography)
  • In the light rock (1979)
  • Hiking in the Bavarian Forest (1969). Update 2016 (by Isabelle Auer)

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