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Walter Klier (born July 5, 1955 in Innsbruck ) is an Austrian writer, critic, editor and author of mountain and hiking guides.


Walter Klier lives in Innsbruck and is the son of the publicist and writer Heinrich Klier and Henriette Klier. Together with his parents he wrote some hiking guides.

From 1980 to 1984 Klier was co-editor of the satirical magazine "Luftballon" and from 1989 to 1997 co-editor of the cultural magazine Gegenwart (Innsbruck) . In 1990, under the pseudonym Luciana Glaser, he published the story “End of Winter” together with Stefanie Holzer .

Klier has been dealing with the question of the authorship of Shakespeare's works for some time . In his book The Shakespeare Case , he argues that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford , was the true author of the Shakespeare canon.


Literary works

  • Message in a bottle . Roman, Munich 1983
  • The beginners . Story, Munich 1985
  • Katarina Mueller . Biography. Innsbruck 1989
  • Eden department store and other prose. Salzburg 1990
  • End of winter . Narration (with Stefanie Holzer). Vienna, Darmstadt: Zsolnay, 1990
  • Rioters . Novel. Vienna 1991
  • The Shakespeare plot . Essay. Goettingen 1994
  • It is a good country . Essay. Vienna 1995
  • Green times . Novel. Vienna 1998
  • Innsbruck . with Franco Coccagna. Essay. Innsbruck 1999
  • Hotel Bayer, a story from the twentieth century . Innsbruck 2003
  • The Shakespeare case . (Extended version of Shakespeare's plot). Buchholz in the north heath 2004
  • My conspiratorial childhood and other true stories . Innsbruck 2005
  • Lieutenant Pepi goes to war . Novel. Hohenems 2008

Mountaineering works


  • Paul Fröhlich, Mixed Memories (1988)

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