Trabant (band)

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General information
Genre (s) Electroclash
founding 2001
Founding members
Þorvaldur H. Grondal
Viðar Hákon Gíslason
Current occupation
Ragnar Kjartansson
Þorvaldur H. Grondal
Guitar, bass
Viðar Hákon Gíslason
Hlynur Aðils Vilmarsson
Gísli Galdur Þorgeirsson

Trabant are an Icelandic electroclash music group that was originally founded in 2001 as a duo by Þorvaldur Gröndal and Viðar H. Gíslason, but has since grown into a quintet.

Her debut album Moment of Truth was released in 2001 and made her popular in Iceland. Three years later a live album was released, which was recorded at a party of Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson in his official residence in Bessastaðir . After Nasty Boy was a successful club hit, they reached the top ten of the Icelandic charts with their second studio album Emotional (2005).



  • 2001: Enter Spacebar (Thule Records tmt06)
  • 2002: Superman (Thule Records tmt07)
  • 2005: Nasty Boy (Southern Fried Records ECB72)
  • 2005: Maria / Pump You up (Southern Fried Records ECB92)
  • 2006: Loving Me / Galdur (Southern Fried Records ECB95)


  • 2001: Moment of Truth (Thule Records tmt08)
  • 2002: Ballet (edition approx. 20 pieces)
  • 2004: Trabant á Bessastöðum (live album) (12 Tónar 12T002)
  • 2005: Emotional (12 Tónar 12T015)

Honourings and prices

  • 2006: Icelandic Music Awards : nominated in three categories, including "Best Album 2005" ( Emotional )
  • 2006: Tónlistarverdlaun XFM 91.9 (music awards from the XFM radio station in Reykjavík): “Best Album 2005” ( Emotional ); nominated in three other categories, u. a. "Best song 2005" ( Nasty boy ) and "Best live performance"
  • 2007: Icelandic Music Awards : "Best Music Video 2006" ( The one (filthy dukes remix) )

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