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Under trophicity ( gr. : Trophe - nutrition ) refers to the nutritional or metabolic status of an organism or a tissue . In the case of optimal nutrition and growth, one speaks of eutrophy . A reduction or impairment of the trophics can affect the entire organism due to malnutrition or malnutrition or only locally z. B. by reduced blood flow, lack of irritation by nerves in muscles.

In every regular medical report sheet , the trophic is assessed, as the nutritional status of the entire patient also just under the abbreviation EZ. Limited or inadequate trophics are found in neurological diseases (e.g. muscle atrophy ) or metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes mellitus ).

If the trophic is changed, one speaks of

  • Hypertrophy : Excessive supply or growth of tissue
  • Dystrophy : malnutrition of tissue or organism in general.
  • Atrophy : shrinkage with functional impairment of the tissue

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