Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

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The Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (abbreviated ČSAV), Czech: Československá akademie věd , Slovak: Československá akadémia vied , was the Academy of Sciences (highest scientific institution) of Czechoslovakia .

It was founded in 1952 as the successor to two previously existing Czech scientific organizations: the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences (Královská česká společnost nauk), founded in 1769, and the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts (Česká akademie věd a umění), founded in 1888 In 1960 the Slovak Academy of Sciences founded in 1942/1953 was formally subordinate to it. Since there was no "Czech" Academy of Sciences in Czechoslovakia, the ČSAV was in fact mostly the Czech equivalent of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

In 1992 it was dissolved with the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has existed in the Czech Republic since then , and the Slovak Academy of Sciences continues to exist in Slovakia .

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