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SIlberdirham of Tulabugha

The Khan Tulabugha or Töle-Buqa Chan ((also Telebogha , Tatar Tülä-Buğa ) etc .; † 1291 ) ruled the Golden Horde between 1287 and his assassination in 1291.

The nephew and successor Möngke Timur and Tuda Möngke was an enemy of Prince Noqai . This enmity probably arose when the two had clashed over questions of the Russian administration (von Kursk, around 1283). Since Noqai was not a descendant of Batu Khan , he could never claim the highest dignity. So Tulabugha became the new Khan after Tuda Möngke's abdication in 1287 , without Noqai being able to prevent this. Tulabugha started a war against the Ilkhan Arghun , which his uncle had decided. But both campaigns failed in 1288 and 1290, so that Noqai's reputation rose and he was able to organize a coup with the help of Möngke Timur's sons. Tulabugha was captured and murdered during negotiations. The new Khan became his killer Tohtu (Tokta Khan).

predecessor Office successor
Tuda Möngke Khan of the Golden Horde
Tokta Khan